Sunday, March 27, 2011

This morning started with a rather melodious bus ride into Guatemala City. We spent the 45-minute drive singing various worship songs that most of us know and all of us love. Arriving at the church, which is right along the railroad tracks, we were greeted with smiles and hugs by many old friends who whisked us into the service. It was completely incredible. Even though all of the music was in Spanish, we were truly able to worship along with the Guatemalan people. One of the songs that we sang was a song that most of us knew in English. One part of it was:
People from every nation and tongue, From generation to generation, We worship You, hallelujah, hallelujah, We worship You, for who You are, And you are good.
It was amazing because we had people from two nations and tongues and many generations singing it together. After the worship was over, our entire team went to the front. Each of us got to say our name and anything brief that we wanted to share. The message, given by Pine Castle's Generational Minister and our team's spiritual leader, Sylvia, was on God's love for us even when we sin. We gave people an opportunity to come forward for prayer at the end. God was present and moved in some incredible ways. We then went upstairs and gave goody bags and toiletry bags to the kids in the Sunday School classes. They were thrilled to get them! We hung out with the kids, playing around. After church, we walked along a section of the tracks to get back to the bus. A huge group of kids from the Sunday School classes at the church escorted us. Several of them were grabbing our hands, giving us hugs, or getting in as many pictures as possible. They were so, so loving. Many of them had already connected with people from our group on previous trips, so it was so sweet to see the reunions. With many hugs, kisses, photos, and goodbyes, we boarded the bus for Antigua. We can't wait to get to go back to the tracks tomorrow and hang out with the kids some more. Our shopping was enjoyable, and so was our dinner out. We're back at the mission house eating birthday cake. After singing Happy Birthday to one of our team members in three different languages (English, Spanish, and American Sign Language), we had team devotions. We all shared favorite memories and moments from the day. It was so much fun. We had funny moments, spiritual moments, and emotional, heart-melting moments. It has truly been an amazing day, full of special moments and sweet gifts from God. As one of our team members shared in church today:
The Lord has done great things, And we are filled with joy. -Psalms 126:3
Thank you all so, so much for praying. Please keep praying that God does even more amazing things this week! By the way, I'm sorry for any spelling errors. My spell check is in Spansih, so I'm doing the best I can. Also, the one long paragraph is just because the formating is not working correctly. Again, sorry! Goodnight!!

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