Thursday, March 31, 2011


We went over to Lake Atilan this morning. The half-hour boat ride was very enjoyable. When we arrived at the village, we lugged several suitcases full of ministry supplies part way up a hill. We arrived at the school and delivered the ministry supplies. We then spent a couple hours hanging out with the kids. We played soccer, jumpped rope, made power band bracelets, and played with pipe cleaners. We walked around the village and were able to see a home that Pastor David had built there, along with an area of homes that were destroyed by mud and rock slides last summer. While we were standing where one girl's house had been, we prayed for her and her family. It was incredibly powerful. After the boat ride back, we had lunch and some free time. We drove back to the mission house and had dinner. We're getting ready to have a team devotional time. Please keep praying for us, that God would work in and through us. Tomorrow is our last day here doing ministry. We're going to take several of the track kids to a water park and Pizza Hut. Thank you all so, so much for your prayers!

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