Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today was an incredible day. We spent the morning painting and conducting a chapel service for the school that meets at the church along the tracks. Six of us did the chapel service, which included a poi arts presentation, a short movie, a memory verse, and some other fun stuff. We then visited different homes with Pastor David. Four of our team members, three of whom were sick, stayed back at the mission house. The rest of the team spent the morning painting. By the end of the day, we finished all three of the houses that we were working on. After lunch, we came back to play with the kids and finish painting. Several of us had prepared bags of clothes and toys for some of the kids that we met yesterday. We gave those out after lunch. The kids were extremely grateful. We really enjoyed the play time as well. We had chalk, bubbles, silly string, and more. The kids had so, so much fun. I may try to post some pictures and/or videos later this week, but if not, I'll be sure to post them after we return. Please keep praying for health for our team. Two of the three people who stayed home today are feeling extremely better, but several of us have had some sort of stomach bug over the past few days. Last night, one of our teens twisted her ankle, and many of us have extremely tired and sore feet. Pray that God would protect us and heal those of us who are not well. Tomorrow, we head to Lake Atilan. We'll spend tomorrow night and Thursday there. Please pray that God would prepare us and them for everything that He wants to do. Thank you all for your prayers!! :)

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