Monday, March 28, 2011

Painting and Playing

Day 3: The team painted houses on the tracks today. Some of the paint actually made it onto the walls. Those who weren't painting played with the many children who were there. Team members passed out pipe cleaners and showed the Guatemalan children how to make shapes with them. And everyone had fun playing with sidewalk chalk.

The big prayer request is for the adults and teens on the team who don't feel well. Pray that they will sleep soundly tonight and feel better in the morning. And pray that no one else will get sick. Thanks, Miss Molly, for nursing everyone back to health.

Tomorrow, the day starts early as the team will lead a chapel service at one of the local schools for the children on the Tracks.  The team will also spend time paining houses and playing with the children again.


  1. We'll pray for the sickies. Are there pictures we can look at as we follow the team's progress?

  2. No pictures this week. The team is concentrating on their responsibilities in Guatemala. But look for uploads after they return.